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27.04.19 Rhythm Machine Meets DistractAir

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Welcome to our first of two Rhythm Machine Meets DistractAir broadcasts in 2019.
A collaborative project between DistractAir from England and Kaossfreak from Germany.
Each organise 4 DJ's or LiveActs usually with 60 minutes of play time.


Zeroline (Electronic Routes, Germany)
Chip Tronic (Oyabun Audio/ Soundwave, Germany)
Nomad (Riot Radio Show, Scotland)
randomDisco (Riot Radio Show, Scotland)
DJ Ash (Harder Sound Radio, France)
Feelaz (Vinylgate Recordstore, Poland)
Ulf Kramer (Musikalische Früherziehung, Germany)
Cobly (USA)



Start: 16.00 Uhr

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Discoschrottplatz Booking Tour:

27.04.19 Rhythm Machine Meets DistractAir [Zeroline, Chip Tronic, randomDisco, Nomad, Feelaz, DJ Ash, Ulf Kramer, Cobly]

03.05.19 Berlin Techno! @ Der Weiße Hase, Berlin [Eaztpakk]

17.05.19 Freulein P´s Birthday Rave @ Der Weiße Hase [Eaztpakk]

01.06.19 SAPeT B-Day - Early Quavery @ Hangar Xix Locales De Ensayo, Madrid [Braincracker]

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